Natural Everyday Makeup

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Although I don’t wear makeup everyday, many people do so today I decided to show you how to do a look that is wearable for everyday for places like school and work or even if you just feel like not wearing a lot. This make up is quick and easy to do so it’s perfect if you are running out the door!

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Start off by applying foundation or whatever your usual base coat is. Make sure if you do this, apply it very lightly as we want this look to be natural and also be sure to blend it into your neck! Nothing looks less natural than a ring around your face! I don’t wear foundation so I just applied some moisturizer to my face to begin with.

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Next take some lightly coloured blush (if you don’t have any blush you can use eyeshadow, just make sure it is not shimmery!) Smile and apply this on the apples of your cheeks. Use a sweeping motion from the highest point of your cheek back and up to the hairline.

step 3 copyright

For eyeshadow, we want to keep it super natural so I’m taking this light brown/fleshy colour and applying it just onto the lid. I am not applying it heavily or above my eye crease to make it look the most natural.

step 4 copyright

Taking a brown eyeliner, define the upper lash line with a super thin line, then using a brush or your fingers, blend it right out to make it much softer. Then swipe a white eyeshadow lightly right over the top of the whole lid right up to the brow.

step 5 copyright

Apply a white eyeliner onto the water line, add one coat of mascara and then I just finished off with a lip balm on the lips.

the end 1 copyright

That’s it. This look is just the perfect ‘no makeup look’ but still gives the security of makeup if you feel you need it. It gives a flawless, fresh-faced look and I love it!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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