DIY: Bandana Shorts

before after bandana shorts copyright
Please excuse that for some unknown reason my legs look different colours in the photo above!

 I am well aware that it is still winter and layers are a must! There is nothing I love more however than layering thick, woolly tights with a pair of shorts. These shorts are so pretty and very unique and you can personalise it with  your favourite bandana/scrap fabric.

 what youll need bandana shorts copyright

All you’ll need for this project are some old shorts, or you can make them from old jeans by using this tutorial, a bandana or some scrap fabric, scissors and some fabric glue. (I used a sewing machine)

step 1 bandana shorts copyright

First, you can either leave your shorts as being folded at the bottom or you can fray them like I did. Lay them flat on a surface so you can measure accurately.

step 2 bandana shorts copyright

Next, line up the edge of the bandana with the stem down the front of the shorts, and trim roughly around the surface you want to cover.

step 3 bandana shorts copyright

Next, go around the whole shorts section and fold the edge in a little bit and then pin in place. Get as close to the real seam as you can as this will make it easier in the next steps.

step 4 bandana shorts copyright

Finally, either using fabric glue or sewing, attach the piece of fabric to the shorts. I also did the back pockets as well.

That’s all there is to it! This is a super quick and easy way to make your own shorts and then have a statement pair of shorts!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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