DIY: Jewellery Pinboard Display


After Christmas you can be bombarded down with excess jewellery that you maybe got for Christmas and so don’t have space to put it all anymore. Why not display your favourite jewellery pieces in your room with this jewellery pinboard idea. This allows your favourite items to be quick to grab and it saves them from knotting and tangling in a box.

Step 1

All you’ll need for this tutorial is a pinboard (size to your preference) and your jewellery.

Step 2

I tried different methods but I found that thumb tacks/pins were the best way to keep the jewellery on the board and it makes it easy to redesign it.

Step 3

Start by making sure that the pinboard stays securely on your wall. If it doesn’t stay on empty it will never say on with things attached! Also make sure that it is straight before you start or else it will leave all your jewellery leaning to one side – not a good look! (I know mine does not look straight in the picture but it is because my board has bent because the wood has bowed)

Step 4

I started with my long necklaces as they take up the most room. Lay them out straight and then position them on the pinboard in whatever style you want. I decided to put them out of the way on either side of the pinboard. (Also remember if the pinboard is not screwed into the wall that you must take into account the balancing of the jewellery on either side.)

Step 5
I then repeated this step with my shorter necklaces by placing them along the bottom.

The End

Repeat with the rest of your jewellery and you’re done! I love being able to match up my outfit to my jewellery without having to trail through a massive pile of tangled chains and caught beads! It makes life so much easier! I love the idea of adding fabric to the back of the pin board and I think it would make it really original! If you try this tutorial please let me know or put the photo on instagram or twitter using #dazedandbeautiful.

Dazed&Beautiful x


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