New Years Eve Nails

start firework nails copyright

This is my last post of 2012 so the next big event is New Years Eve and what better nail design for New Years Eve than fireworks! This design is simple but effective and you can adapt the colours to the colours on your outfit for the evening!

step 1 firework nails copyright

Start by painting all the nails a deep blue/navy colour after applying a base coat.

step 2 firework nails copyright

Then dip a toothpick in polish and create a firework design. Add a few dots around the firework too.

step 3 firework nails copyright

Do this with all the nails in different patterns. To add some variation use some glitter polishes too.

the end firework nails copyright

When the polish has dried then add a top coat to protect the design. That’s it!

I hope you have a lovely New Years Eve and wish you all the best for 2013!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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