12 Days of Christmas – Day 11 – Christmas Day Photography Tips

Christmas can often be the only time that families are together so many people take lots of photos of this day to make up for it. When taking photos on Christmas day you want to the make them the best photos that they can be and make them very special and unique. In the post I will share my  ten tips for good photographs on Christmas Day.

tip 1 - flash
Photo by http://www.fuzzcraft.com

Tip 1 – Lighting

Lighting for Christmas day can be awkward as it can still be quite dark outside because it is winter. Try to avoid turning the lights on full blast as it can be quite harsh when taking photos. Also try to avoid using flash as it washes the whole photo out and then you have to spend ages editing it to get it looking normal again! The light for the photo should also be in front of the objects being taken rather than behind. This can be through a window or the room light. Having the light behind again washes out the picture completely.

tip 2 - shutter speed
Photo from http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com

Tip 2 – Shutter Speed

This may only apply to people who have SLR cameras or hybrids. Shutter speed can either make or break a photograph. It is the perfect way to capture reactions and things that move quickly (like children!) A slow shutter speed will create blurry objects like in the photo above whereas a quick shutter speed can capture snow fall or animals.

tip 3 foreground

Tip 3 – Set-up

The set up of photos are very important. By having something misplaced at the front or side of the picture it can ruin it. Before taking a family portrait make sure that there are no wine glasses or leftover wrapping paper lying about as this can attract the attention of the photo rather than the people in it. By looking through the viewer you will be able to see what is in the frame and what is not, this is your guide whether you need to move things or not.

tip 4 - eye level

Tip 4 – Eye-level

If you are photographing children, make sure to get down to their eye level. This will make for an all-round better photograph and you can also capture feelings and reactions better if you are on their level. It can also be interesting to get a view of things from a child’s perspective, why not take a photo of the tree or the fireplace through the eyes of a kid?

Photo by http://www.ephotozine.com

Tip 5- Spares

Spare batteries and memory cards are a must for Christmas day. There is nothing worse than half way through the day having a flat battery or no more room for photos. This can cause you to miss some great photography of later on in the day so pack an extra battery and memory card or bring a charger or hard-drive to store the captured photos on.

tip 6 - action shots
Photo by http://a.tgcdn.net

Tip 6 – Action Shots

Not everything on Christmas day has to be posed and planned. Try and take some natural photos of people laughing or chatting over Christmas dinner, sometimes photos like these can be the best type and can bring back the most memories.

tip 7 - tripods
Photo by http://www.expandore.biz

Tip 7 – Don’t always be behind the camera

Even if you are dedicated photographer for the day, don’t be stuck behind it all day or there will be no proof you were even there! Pass the camera to someone else whilst you open some presents or even use a tripod set up in the corner and try to take some all round photos with a remote.

tip 8- details

Tip 8 – Details

Instead of taking photos of people all day long, break it up by taking some photos of the decorations or of table settings. When taken well the little details will be remembered and appreciated. Macro shots can work well when it comes to capturing little things and also the rule of thirds can be applied well to this kind of thing.

tip 9 - zoom
Photo by http://2.bp.blogspot.com

Tip 9 – Zoom

When used correctly zoom can make a great photograph. If the room you are in for Christmas dinner is big then zoom in on one aspect of the dinner table, like the parents. Or zoom into the dog sleeping in front of the fire. Just do not zoom in too far as the camera loses quality the more you zoom in.

tip 10 - white balance
Photo by http://www.mattdudley.com

Tip 10 – White Balance

Again, this tip may only apply to people with SLR camera. The white balance settings of  the camera should be changed to suit the need of the room you are in. This can be done automatically sometimes but it can make a huge difference to the picture and can save a heck of a lot of editing time too! When the white balance is off it gives a blue-ish tinge to the whole photo and can make it look funny.

These are all my tips for taking photos on the Christmas day, I hope they were helpful and you found them useful.
Check back tomorrow for the very last 12 Days of Christmas post!

Dazed&Beautiful x


3 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas – Day 11 – Christmas Day Photography Tips

    1. The rule of thirds is rather than everything you capture being in the middle of the frame, try to split the shot into 3, either horizontally or vertically and placing the object in or on the line of one of those thirds. This has been proven to make the photo more interesting and dynamic! Glad you enjoyed the post!

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