12 Days of Christmas – Day 9 – Christmas Snacks

 the end christmas snack copyright

Its hard enough to try to get children to eat fruit but it’s even harder at Christmas! These little strawberry Santa hats are super party snacks or just around the house snacks! They are also so easy to make!

what youll need christmas snack copyright

For this tutorial you will need some strawberries, mini marshmallows, icing, water and some sugar.

 step 1 christmas snack copyright

Start by washing all the strawberries and then cut the top, leafy part off. Make sure they are able to stand upright on their own.

  step 2 christmas snack copyright

Next put some water into a bowl and dip the bottom 5th into the water, then transfer it straight to the sugar and this will create the fur around the Santa hat!

step 3 christmas snack copyright

Cut up the mini marshmallows and glue them, using the icing, onto the tip of the strawberry to act like the bobble. You can leave this step if you want the snacks to be super healthy.

start christmas snack copyright

That it! These little treats are delicious and if Santa is gaining a few pounds maybe you could leave these out for Santa this year instead!
Find out how to make the plate for these snack here.

Dazed&Beautiful x


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