12 Days of Christmas – Day 8 – 3 Christmas Outfits

So many photos are taken on Christmas Day that the choice of what to wear can be very stressful! I created three different outfit ideas that you can maybe get some inspiration from. Not everyone likes to dress up fancy on Christmas Day but if you feel like you want to wear more than just some track suit bottoms and a sweatshirt this post might give you a hand.

Outfit 1 - Casual christmas outfits copyright

Outfit 1 – Casual
This outfit is the least formal outfit of the three. It is very cosy and comfortable to wear but also is classic. I took the basics of a white vest top and some bright blue jeans.  I added a comfy boyfriend blazer over the top to smarten it up and some studded pumps and studded bracelets to match.

Outfit 2 - semi-formal christmas outfit copyight

Outfit 2 – Semi-formal
I called this outfit semi formal as it is formal enough as it includes a skirt but isn’t exactly heels and a dress. This maroon skirt is the perfect colour for Christmas time and by tucking it in this cute lace shirt accentuates the waist. As the top half is quite formal I added some black combat boots with some cream knee-high socks scrunched down.

Outfit 3 - Formal christmas outfit copyright
Outfit 3 – Formal
This look is the most formal of the three. Again, it gives a very Christmas-like feel by incorporating the red through the red lace dress. To make it even more formal I added a fitted blazer with gold and cream detailing. For accessories I added a gold belt and some thick black tights but it’s cold. I wore some red, black and cream wedges to tie in the whole look

I hope this post helped you to get some inspiration on what to wear for Christmas parties or Christmas Day!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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