12 Days of Christmas – Day 7 – DIY Orange Cloves

start orange clove copyright

‘Christmas scents’ are the most popular type of candle at this time of year however nothing, to me, smells more Christmassy than cloves and oranges. By setting these adorable little decorations on the radiator the scents infuse and make the whole house smell amazing! They are also much prettier than air fresheners!

 what youll need orange clove copyright

For this tutorial, you will need some oranges and some cloves. For decoration I included ribbon and some pins.

step 1 orange clove copyright

To add some ribbon to your orange beforehand, cut two lengths of ribbon that will go the whole way around the orange. Taking a pin with a similar coloured head, wrap one of the ribbons around securely and pin in place. Then do the same with the other ribbon in the opposite direction and pin securely.

 step 3 orange clove copyright

Once you are happy with the placement start to press the cloves into the orange. The end of cloves are fairly sharp so they should just slot right in.

step 4 orange clove copyright

Create a design that you like and recreate it the whole way around the clove, the more cloves the greater the smell!

step 5 orange clove copyright

I also made this cute little heart shaped orange clove and added a bow made of ribbon. I also secured this in place with a pin.

the end orange clove copyright

As you can see they are also great christmas tree decorations! I used to give these as gifts to my grandparents and they just adored them. You can make them so unique and that is why I love them!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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