12 Days of Christmas – Day 5 – DIY Christmas Bauble

start christmas bauble copyright

You may already have your Christmas tree decorated but where is the harm in adding another decoration? This is a super easy (and a little bit messy) craft for children to do.

what youll need christmas bauble copyright

What you’ll need for this DIY are some balloons, some PVA glue, a container, some paper clips and some thread (yarn or something more sturdy might be a bit better but thread was all I had)

step 1 christmas bauble copyright

Start by pouring the PVA glue into the container. It doesn’t take a lot so only pour in enough to cover the bottom of the container.

step 2 christmas bauble copyright

Blow up the balloon to the size you want the bauble to be then tie it off. Cut off some thread, about 25 inches.

step 3 christmas bauble copyright

Dip all the thread into the glue and then begin to take it out, wiping off the excess and then wrapping it tightly around the balloon.

step 4 christmas bauble copyright

Once you are done, hang them somewhere using the paper clips to dry overnight.

step 5 christmas bauble copyright

When they are completely dry, take a bobby pin and go under the thread and carefully detach it from the balloon.

step 6 christmas bauble copyright

Pop the balloon and take it out. Loop the paper clip through one of the threads in order to hang it somewhere.

The End christmas bauble copyright

Colour scheme the bauble to your house or give them as unique presents. Warning: These baubles will not last in a box until next year, they are not sturdy enough but they will last the festive season. You could make it into a yearly tradition to make them to compensate!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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