12 Days of Christmas – Day 4 – Wrapping a Present

start present copyright

Although simple, wrapping presents is a staple for Christmas. Presents can be wrapped in every way but the impression a nicely wrapped present can give is highly underestimated.

what youll need present copyright
For this tutorial all you’ll need is a gift, some wrapping paper, tape and a pair of scissors.

step 1 present copyright
I’ll start with the more simple present. (I’m wrapping crackers so that people don’t see what I get them!)
Place the present onto the wrapping paper and measure enough that it goes around and just overlaps. Pull it tight and taunt and tape it down.

step 2 present copyright
On either edge, push the top layer (this is the layer you just closed over) tight into the edge to make a right angle. Bend the corners in to make triangles and then the remaining leftover flap should also be a triangle. If not, reshape it to be. Fold it back up against the package and tape down.

step 3 present copyright

The next few steps are optional but I think that it makes the whole present look prettier. Cut some ribbon that goes right the way around the box. Secure it down on the underside (the side where the tape is showing).

step 4 present copyright

Repeat this again but the other way to make that ‘classic looking Christmas present’

step 5 present copyright

Make a bow out of extra ribbon if you want and secure with tape.

step 6 present copyright

If you have something smaller than a box, like jewellery, the temptation is to just throw it in a little gift bag. Why not wrap it up just like a Christmas cracker?  Place the present onto the wrapping paper and roll it into the paper so it is secure. Cut off the excess and then tape down.

step 7 present copyright

Pinch either side of the present and taking a thin piece of tape wrap it around tightly making sure not to rip it. Ta-da your very own handmade Christmas cracker!

Those are my favourite ways to wrap up Christmas presents to make them more interesting looking under the tree! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and come back tomorrow to see the next one!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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