12 Days Of Christmas – Day 2 – Last Minute Gift for Guys

Welcome to Day 2 of the ’12 Days of Christmas’. Boys are notoriously hard to buy for as they never hint like girls do! Its hard to not fall into the old classic of an xBox game or a new shirt. This post will hopefully give you some ideas for some more unique presents. Some are a bit silly but some might be pretty useful too! Perfect for dads, sons, boyfriends or brothers!

1. Cufflinks

1. Cufflinks
Usually cufflinks are pretty boring and only get given at formal times. Why not surprise him and get him a pair of crazy cufflinks?! I love these pacman ones or if he is into his superheroes these white cufflinks are perfect! Son’s or brothers I’m sure would be very grateful for these stocking fillers.

2. iPhone Case
2. iPhone Case
Most boys drop everything. Fact. If he’s a 90’s kid, take him back to his childhood with this adorable GameBoy iPhone cover! There are lots of types of covers on the internet to suit his needs.

 3. Funny Mug
3. Message Mug
A great way of a getting him to say how he feels over a nice brew. This magazine cut-out style is perfect to play with at a long day at the office.

4. Football

4.Football Remote
I love this idea! For those Saturday afternoons when they hide away to watch a footie, give them something to do at half time with this football-shaped remote control. Its universal and its simple to set up. Perfect for a football obsessed brother.

5. Bacon

5. Bacon
A man’s best friend. These bacon novelty items are hilarious stocking fillers or extra present if you want to spoil him. Bacon bandages for the son, a bacon wallet for Dad and bacon soap for the other half! These are so unique that it’ll certainly crack a smile in the room!

That’s my five last minute gifts for guys this Christmas! I hope this was helpful if you were panicking about ideas! Stay tuned for tomorrow!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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