12 Days Of Christmas – Day 1 – Last Minute Gifts for Girls

Christmas is quickly approaching and for the first day in my ’12 Days Of Christmas’ series I decided that some last minute gift ideas would be helpful. I started off with girls. These are just some ideas and inspiration and I found all of them online so you can go a find them for yourself if you are having trouble finding a Christmas present for your mum, sister, daughter or girlfriend.

1. Mix CD

1. Mix CD
This would be the perfect gift for your girlfriend or maybe your sister. Every girl loves the romance of the idea of a mix tape but as we live in the digital age this concept of putting it on a USB stick is so cute! If you don’t have time to order one then  you could buy a memory stick and then an old tape case and decorate it yourself. Add some of the lyrics or a track list for a personal touch.

2. Brownies In A Jar - crazylifeofus.blogspot.co.uk
Credit to crazylifeofus.blogspot.co.uk for the picture

2. Brownies In A Jar 
If your sister, daughter or mum loves baking this simple idea of putting all the ingredients of brownies into a jar as a gift is perfect! Add a cookbook with this present to make it an allround great gift! And you might even get some tasty treats out of it too!

3. iPhone Case

3. iPhone Case
There are millions of iPhone cases on the internet but a doodle case is a great idea as it can be designed into anything!

4. Candles

4. Candles
Pretty much every girl loves candles, especially candles that smell like sweets or something delicious! There are lots of different scented candles, try Yankee Candles or Bath And Body Works for some unique ones. I saw these LoveHeart Candles and thought they were adorable! This would be the perfect gift for a girlfriend.

5. Christmas Mug

5. Christmas Mug

Although most girls don’t admit it, we LOVE Christmas jumpers, but as they are sometimes a huge fashion no-no why not restrict it to their coffee or tea? This mug with a Christmas jumper on it not only looks Christmassy but also will keep their hands toasty warm when they drink!

There are my five Christmas ideas for last minute presents for girls. Hopefully this gave you some inspiration if you are struggling to think of gifts to get someone! Make sure to come back tomorrow for Day 2!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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