DIY: iPod Cover

Start - iPod Cover

I am the world’s worst for dropping things, so as I carry my iPod everywhere I thought it would be clever to make myself a cover. I had some excess fabric left over so made it from that. It was so easy and took me about half an hour to make!

What You'll Need

All you’ll need for this tutorial is two different scraps of fabric (preferably one of them should be quite durable – I used denim), a pen, some pins, a sewing machine and some scissors.

Step 1

Start with the fabric you want on the outside of the cover and trace around the iPod, leaving about 1cm for seam allowance. Then repeat this directly beside the first one and add a flap on the right one. Cut it out.

Step 2

Trace around this template onto the fabric that you want on the inside of the cover. Pin them together and then sew it all around.

Step 3

Fold the cover in half so that the two outsides are facing in towards each other and then pin the open side together. Sew the sides together.

Step 3

Repeat with the bottom opening.

Step 5

I made the mistake of making my closing flap too big so i had to trim mine and then re-sew it.

Step 6

This step is optionally but in order to close my cover up securely I stuck on some little Velcro dots.

The EndTa-da! A personalised iPod gift. I could see this being the perfect gift or stocking filler for Christmas time! You could adapt this to anything; a phone, an iPod Touch, an iPad, whatever!
To personalise it further add a name or an initial! Or add a pocket on the front for headphones.

Happy December. It is now approaching that festive time of the year again and as my first Christmas on WordPress I decided to do something a little bit special. Starting on the 13th of December I will be doing The 12 Days of Christmas. A post everyday until Christmas Day! I am so looking forward to this and I hope you will too so make sure to follow my blog to get email updates when I post so you don’t miss anything!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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