5 Ways To Wear Winter Jumpers

I don’t know about you but where I live the temperature has dropped dramatically! It is definitely winter jumper time! The temptation is always to just throw on a pair of jeans but there are loads of different ways to style different jumpers!

Outfit 1Outfit 1 – Layers
I paired this woollen jumper with my demin shirt and buttoned it right up to the top and rolled up sleeves for a preppy look. Since I couldn’t wear jeans with this look I added some hawian print shorts and because of the cold days I wore some tights and then for shoes I wore some denim oxfords/brouges. I wore my hair to the side to show off the collar of my shirt.

Outfit 2Outfit 2 – Military
I love this burgandy jumper and think it is very military styled. For added layering I put on my vest shirt that I made. (You can see the tutorial here.) To keep in trend with the rest of the outfit and the dark summer nights, I wore dark green shorts, again with tights. I paired it with these brown leather boots with a buckle to casual it down.

Outfit 3Outfit 3 – Patterns
With a patterned jumper, less is definitely more. I kept it simple with just a pair of skinnies. However I made sure they were coloured in order to brighten up the outfit. Black flats and the outfit is done!

Outfit 4

Outfit 4 – Semi-Formal
Wearing winter jumpers can often be seen as a casual item of winter clothing however by wearing a jumper tucked into a body con skirt and adding some pretty pumps then it can automatically be worn as a more formal outfit. Replace the pumps with some heels for a night out or a Christmas due.

Outfit 5Outfit 5 – Girly
This outfit is definitely for the nights you are staying indoors! I wore this light blue woollen jumper over my floral skirt to give the illusion of a skirt. The bright pattern of the skirt gives a pop of colour to those cold, winter nights while the jumper is still keeping it warm and acceptable for winter. I stuck with the girly feel and just wore my white converse with my hair in a side braid.

I know these styles might not be to everyone’s taste but I tried to include something for everyone! I hope this tutorial gave you some inspiration on how to wear winter jumpers!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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