Galaxy Print Nails

Galaxy print has been a massive print lately and it’s still around in the winter months. This tutorial will show you how to perfectly achieve the galaxy print but in the easiest way!

As always start off with clean, polish-free nails and apply a base coat and let this fully dry.

Next, paint your nails two, thin coats of a black polish.

Here’s the trick! Using either a makeup sponge or a kitchen sponge, dab a little bit on the corner of the sponge and then sponge the polish onto sections of your nails. Try and create a bit of a wiggly line throughout all of your nails to create a kind of ‘galaxy’ formation.

Wait for the purple to dry and then with a light blue repeat this process but keep the blue smaller and inside the purple.

Using a toothpick dipped into white polish create stars (dots) or larger stars (crosses)

Apply a top coat and you are finished! I love the galaxy print but I hate the swarm of clothes that are found in the print so I think this is the perfect, subtle way to wear it.

Dazed&Beautiful x


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