Temporary Lip Tattoo Tutorial

Lip tattoo’s are becoming more popular as they are statement lip arts that can be done super quickly. They are exactly the same concept as temporary tattoos except for your lips!

For this tutorial I will be using the ‘Violent Lips’Temporary Lip Tattoo in The Pink Polka. A lot of beauty guru’s in America have been trying this product out so I was very excited when I saw them in my local Boots for £1 as they are usually quite expensive. They can be awkward to put on properly so here is a step my step tutorial on how to perfectly apply a temporary lip tattoo.

This step is the most difficult step. Line up the top line tattoo with your cupid’s bow. (This is the two round bits in the middle of your top lip.) Next, open your mouth in an ‘Ahhhh’ shape and measure the length the tattoo needs to be. Use the dotted lines for guidance.
Tip: Cut off a little bit each time, you can keep trimming but you can’t stick it back on!
Once the length is correct, do the same process with the width and use the dotted line for reference.
Tip:You want the tattoo to stop as it gets to the ‘water line’ of your lips so it doesn’t get all smudged and gooey.

Once the top lip is done, move onto the bottom lip. Start by putting your mouth in an ‘Ahhhh’ shape again and then folding down the edges of the tattoo when it reaches the end of your bottom lip. Then trim the width to suit the width of your lip.

When both lips are ready to go, peel off the front, clear covering from the tattoo and carefully apply to the top line, using the cupid’s bow as reference. Take a wet cotton ball and begin to press down on the tattoo, just like you would with a temporary tattoo.
Tip: Do not peel the rest of the backing off the tattoo, it will fall off naturally when it is wet enough and the tattoo has fully transferred to the lip.

Repeat this with the other lip. Press down gently on the tattoos if they do not feel secure.

That’s it! Perfectly tranferred lips!
Although this is not an everyday wear it would be perfect for a party or evening instead of the classic red lip with the black dress.

Dazed&Beautiful x


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