DIY : Design Your Own T-Shirt

This may seem like a silly tutorial to make however whenever I have tried to draw on a tshirt in previous attempts it always bundled and gatherd and then the lines weren’t straight and it all became one big horrible disaster! I decided to make an infinity love tshirt but you can do whatever kind of print you wish and I’ll put some inspiration at the end of this post.

This first step is an optional one but my tshirt was too big so I made it into an off the shoulder top and you can see how I did this here.

Then, this is the magic. Take a piece of card or a box or something that will spread the tshirt and spread it tightly across the surface. Then secure it to the board using bobby pins. This will prevent it from slipping or from gathering up as you draw. Lightly sketch your design on the top and then very slowly once you are happy with your design go around it in a permenent marker.
Tip:draw on the top with light, quick strokes. By holding and dragging the pen it gives the top more opportunity to pull and tug. Also do not hold the pen on the top for too long or the ink will start to spread and you won’t get a crisp line.

You’re done, this quick tutorial took me about 10 minutes to do on a friday night and so many people thought it was shop bought!

Other ideas you could use are:
The Infinity Loops
Quotes, such as C’est La Vie or Carpe Diem.
Or you could take some inspiration from online stores such as Brandy Melville.

Dazed&Beautiful x


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