Halloween Nails

Mismatched nails can look amazing if they are done right, and what better time of the year to do kooky nails than at Halloween!
These halloween nails are super cute and would go with any costume!

Start off by removing any nail polish that was previously on your nails and then apply a base coat so as the polish does not stain your nails and they are protected. Once this has dried, paint all your nails with black polish.

For the thumb, create a french tip using a white polish. Then, taking a toothpick make two upside-down triangles and these will be the vampire fangs. You can leave it as this or add some blood by dripping red nail polish onto the bottom of the ‘fangs’ to make them more gruesome.

For the index finger, use a white polish and make a circle at the cuticle of the nail. Let this dry completely and then go over the white with an orange. Make a brown stump at the top and two curved lines down either side to make a pumpkin!

Taking a purple polish, create a triangle in the centre of the middle fingernail. Then make an oval at the bottom of this. Once that has fully dried, outline it in white and add a glittery band to give the witch’s hat more definition.

This nail is the easiest one. Apply two coats of a white polish over two thirds of your fourth fingernail. Use a toothpick to create little triangles at the bottom. Add two black dots and ta-da! A ghost!

And finally for the baby finger make a triangle with a blunt tip and make it fill the whole nail. Then add some orange and yellow stripes to make some delicious candy corn!

Add a top coat to seal in your design for the whole of halloween! If you don’t like the mismatched nail look or simply like one of the design the best then you could repeat the step for every finger nail. That would be amazing! I hope you enjoyed this halloween tutorial and I hope you have a spooky, but spectacular Halloween night!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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