Spider Eye Makeup

So if you aren’t sure what to go for as Halloween this adorable little eye design is super easy to do and looks as cute as a spider can be!

Start off with a clean, make up free eye.

Line the waterline and the upper last line and tightline with a black eyeliner.

Next, using a liquid eyeliner draw one straight line out from the outer corner of the eye. Once you are happy with this placement draw another 5 five lines joining up to this one.

Then start making curved lines that join two of the lines together. Do not do them ridgedly, make them different lengths and at different heights between the lines. This will create your spider web.

This step is optional but if you want to make your eye design a little bit more interesting you can add this super cute spider. Draw a line coming from the web or the corner of the eye. Then make a small oval shape and draw 8 curved lines coming out of it. And now you have a little friend!

There you go! An adorable and unique eye design. Perfect for any halloween party that isn’t fancy dress!

P.S I reached 10,000 views this week! Woohoo! Thank you so much!
Dazed&Beautiful x


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