How To – Wear A Bralette

Tomorrow is the first day in autumn and many people will be thinking that they have to pack away their bralettes for next summer but here are five ways to wear them without showing too much skin and staying wrapped up for the cold days.

The Comfy One.
So this first outfit is the perfect way to dress down and have a comfy alternative to wear a bralette. By added an oversized chunky knit cardigan it really gives an autumnal feel. I paired it with these plain denim jeans and matching brown and floral boat shoes.

The Teenage One.
This next look is a very popular look among teenagers. Plain black leggings and a denim shirt are two staples and having the bralette peeping through from the denim shirt adds a bit of variety to the otherwise classic look. I added some white low-top converse to make this look casual.

The Smart One.
Outfit 3 is a complete contrast to the last one. This outfit is very sophisticated but yet still wearable for everyday. The coloured jeans make this look casual but adding the heels and the blazer really ‘grows up’ the outfit. The dark colours really represent autumn and the dark nights that come with it!

The Girly One.

This outfit is so adorable and feminine. The bright colours are very reminiscent of summer and spring time. The bralette is transformed into what looks like a top by pairing it with the high-waisted skirt. By having the waist line here is draws the eye to the smallest part of your waist, making you look super slim! The long-sleeved sheer shirt tucked into the skirt adds another layer so as it is not too summery and there is a hint of cover up. I added these turquoise blue boat shoes to brighten up the outfit and enhance the girliness of this outfit.

The Biker One. 

This outfit may look all over the place but by adding something floral to an otherwise darker look it creates a contrast that goes really well together. This punky jacket over the elegant, floral top makes it the key piece in this look and adds interest to it. Add some printed tights to this outfit to make it more wintery for the colder days and the thick socks and biker boots tie in the biker theme to this outfit.

I hope you enjoyed these different variation on how to wear a bralette or a crop top and leave a comment with which one is you favourite!



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