Curls With No Heat

Curls are always a super popular hairstyle but if, like me, you have naturally straight/crazy hair and don’t want to use a curler or a straightener this technique is a super easy way to create these amazing curls that will last all day.

Start off with damp hair, it shouldn’t be dripping wet but it should be holding a fair amount of moisture. Apply any product to your hair that you normally would.

Divide the hair in half and clip one side up out of the way. Then take about a one inch section of your hair and taking a hair roller wrap it around the wand, away from your face.

Bend the ends of the rollers in on each other and then repeat until the whole half of the hair is rolled. Then repeat for the other side.

Leave the rollers in for about 8 hours. I slept on mine so I could take them out the next morning. If you are doing this and move a lot in your sleep I suggest using some bobby pins to make sure the rollers stay in place.

Once you feel that the hair is dry enough, begin to unravel the hair from the rollers. Do this slowly so as not to pull the curl out.

Once all of the rolls have been uncurled run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls, and add some hair spray to make sure the curls will last all day! And that’s it! You’re done.

These curls lasted me 2 days with me sleeping on them using absolutely no heat!
Dazed&Beautiful x


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