Dip Dye Jewellery

The dip dye trend has been very popular for the last few months and I found inspiration for this tutorial on YouTube. This is a great way to incorporate the colourful trend into your everyday wear. All you’ll need for tutorial is some nail polish, a sponge and whichever pieces of jewellery you want to transform!

Start by applying a white polish all over the jewellery, this step is not compulsory but it increases the brightness of the final coloured polish. I decided to use a white as my ring started off as a bronze colour.

Then apply the lightest colour of nail polish that’s you wish to use and apply onto a small piece of sponge. Dab off the excess, this will create a nice gradient effect eventually. Dab the sponge onto the tip of the jewellery very lightly. Repeat this step again but repeat closer to the edge of the jewellery. This is will create a gradient effect.

So that’s it!
Keep reading for another idea.

I took this adorable anklet and spread it onto a polly pocket.

I taped the bracelet down onto the polly pocket and began to dab a rainbow gradient onto the anklet.

I love this anklet as it is so different and unique! I think it’s the perfect way to spice up any old or cheap jewellery that may have faded through wear! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I’d love to see your ideas!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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