Ben&Jerry Nails

My friend found these adorable Ben&Jerry’s inspired nails on tumblr and asked if I would recreate them for her. I love a challenge so of course I said yes. I decided to create a tutorial with them as there are lots of different aspects of this design that you guys might like such as clouds or the cow print!

As always, prime your nails with a nail file and then apply a top coat to protect your natural nails.

For this design paint all nails apart from the ring finger a sky blue and then paint the ring finger with a white polish.

For the design on the index, middle and baby finger fill in a small portion at the bottom of your nail using a green polish, then add a yellow stripe on top of that. Use a dotting tool dipped in white polish to make the clouds. Make the clouds cartoon-like as they are not supposed to look real.

To make the cow print on the ring finger dip a toothpick or dotting tool into black polish and create blobs of different shapes and sizes all over the nail.

On the thumb use the technique used on the other nails to create clouds. Then using a black striper make a black box in the middle of the nail. Wait for this to fully dry and then create a yellow border. Again, let this dry and use a nail art pen to create the letters ‘B&J’

Apply a top coat to seal in the design and prevent it from chipping.

Whatever your favourite flavour is you can sport these adorable nails!
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Dazed&Beautiful x


2 thoughts on “Ben&Jerry Nails

  1. Hey!
    What a great blog. I really enjoy your tutorials and I love your NailArt. I think I defenitely gonna try the Ben&Jerry ones.
    By the way, thank you for the Freundschaftsarmband (I like the German word better. Haha!) you did for me. I really like it.

    You should try the “Angry Bird” nail desing. Its fun to do and to look at it.
    I saw it on YouTube and had to recreate it. Its one of my favourite desings, because you can combine it with frenchnails or do every nail as an “Angry Bird” and you can use it on short or long nails. 😉

    Keep going! 😀 😀

    Grüße aus Deutschland

    von Lisa

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