Earth Nails

I was on a geography field trip a while ago and my friend asked me to paint her nails for her. I decided that these adorable little earths would be the perfect design to complement our trip. I love this design and it can be used all year round but I think it would be especially themed for World Day!

All you’ll need for this tutorial is a base/top coat, a blue and green polish and a dotting tool or a toothpick.

Start off with a base coat to protect and strengthen your natural nails.

 Once the base coat has dried apply two coats of a bright blue polish. This will be the oceans.

After the blue has dried, put a drop of green polish on to a piece of paper or a paper plate. Dip the dotting tool or toothpick into the polish and then create blobs all over the world. This step is completely random but it will give the illusion of land on the oceans.
P.S. I also think it would be a good idea to use a white and put it at the top and the bottom of the nails to represent the colder continents.

Add a top coat to prevent the design from chipping and to add a shine onto the little worlds.
This design technique can be used to create other patterns. Simply swap the blue to a white and make the blobs multicoloured to create an artists palette!

I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial.
Dazed&Beautiful x


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