Winged Eyeliner and Lipstick

Eyeliner and lipstick are such a timeless look but not everyone knows how simple it is to accomplish it! There are so many different variations on this look suitable for any occasion!

Start with a make-up free face. Make up residue with clog pores and create spot. It may also prevent the overall outcome of the look.

Firstly, line the waterline with a black eyeliner if you want your eyes to look sharp and defined, however if you want to make your eyes brighter and bigger looking, use a white eyeliner pencil.
Next, using a liquid eyeliner line to upper lash line as close to the eye lashes as possible. Then to create a wing follow the natural line of the bottom lash line and draw up towards the hair-line. Decide on the length of the wing and then thicken up the upper lash line to join to the tip of the wing. This may take a few attempts but repeat until you are happy with the outcome.

Curl the lashes with an eyelash curler and then apply mascara to lengthen the lashes. If this look is for a night out apply false lashes for a more intense look.

Now, onto the lips. Moisturise the lips fully before applying any product. This will prevent them from becoming dry and cracking, which can be very painful.

Proceed to line the lips with a lip liner to make sure the lips are clear and defined. Blend it into the lips so as not to create such a harsh line. Then apply the lipstick, starting at the cupids bow and then along the rest of the upper lip. Pat the lips together gently and then fill in the uncovered area on the bottom lip.

It is as easy as that! I’ve had so many complements on this look and I’m sure you will too!
Try a lilac lipstick and brown eyeliner for a softer, summer look, or a black wing with white eyeliner matching a peachy pink lipstick.
There is so much variety!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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