DIY: Off The Shoulder Top

I claimed some of my brother’s old t-shirts before he threw them away but they were too big and didn’t fit me correctly, so I decided to make them into this more feminine off the shoulder top. I love this style of shirt and because they are so light and breezy they are perfect for summer!

All you’ll need for this tutorial is an old t-shirt and a pair of sharp scissors.

Start by laying the t-shirt onto a flat surface. Spread it out so there are no creases.

Next, taking the scissors cut around the neck of the top. Start just below the seam but begin to fan out so as to finish about half way between the seam of the collar and the stitching of the arm. Then remove this piece.

This step is optional. Stretch the fabric that has just been cut in order to roll it and create a smoother edge where the cut marks are hidden.

Repeat this process on both sleeves, cutting right below the seam the whole way down and then stretching it to roll it.

You can also repeat this step along the bottom of the t-shirt as well if you feel it is too long.
Remember to try the t-shirt on after every step in order to make sure you are happy with the outcome. Also, if you are not that confident don’t be afraid to mark out the lines before cutting.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and can give some old t-shirts new life!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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