4th July Lips

So Independence Day is just a few days away and although I don’t live in America I thought I would get into the spirit of things with these cute American flag lips!
These were pretty time-consuming but as you can see from the photo the result was definitely worth it!
What you’ll need for this cute lips look is:
some white eye shadow or some white lipstick/lip liner
blue and red lip liner/lip gloss
clear, sparkly lip gloss
some star rhinestone

Start by moisturising your lips so they do not become dry or cracked.

Next, taking a white eye shadow or lipstick fill in the whole lips. (You can leave the top left quarter empty if you like)

Then. taking a blue lip liner or lip gloss, colour in the left half of your upper lip blue. Draw a line down the middle of the cupids bow and then fill in the rest of the lip.

Again taking a red lip liner or a red lip gloss create horizontal stripes across the lips. (Note: This step is tricky so take your time)

After that has all dried, take some small star-shaped rhinestones and attach them uniformly onto the blue section of the lips using a clear lip gloss.

And that’s all there is to it! Perfect American flag lips that will certainly get you noticed in every state!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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