Euro 2012 Nails

So it’s the final of Euro 2012 this Sunday night so in support of that I decided that these European Flag nails would suit just perfectly! I couldn’t fit all of the flags onto my nails so I chose the countries that were in the semi final and the two host countries. Poland, France, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Belarus, England, Italy, Germany and Greece. This would look amazing if you were going to a Euro party or simply watching the game!

What you’ll need for this tutorial is some fine nail art brushes or a toothpick, a cotton bud and nail polishes in :
Light and Dark Blue
White and

Start by applying a base coat to strengthen and protect your natural nails.

 Now on with the flags! For the flag of Poland, paint the nails 2 coats of a white polish, then using a nail art pen or tooth pick colour the bottom half of the nail red.

For the French flag, again paint the nails 2 coats of a white polish. Taking a red polish paint the right third of the nail, then taking a blue polish paint the left third of the nail a dark blue.

The Spanish flag is rather tricky. Start by paint the whole nail yellow. Once this has dried, create two red stripes, one at the top and one at the bottom. Then create two small red dots diagonal from each other on the left hand side of the nail. Make a checkered shape by adding a white and coral dots diagonally opposite. (Refer to pictures.) Draw in two small white line on either side of the ‘coat of arms’.

Paint the whole nail red for the Portuguese flag. Once that is dry, paint the left third green. (This may need two coats to become vibrant.) Using a cotton bud dipped into nail polish make a circle at the top of the line. Repeat this a few time to make the yellow bold. Once the circle is completely dry, add a small white dot into the centre of the yellow dot.

The Czech flag is a simple flag to do that looks difficult and complex. Paint the whole nail white and then draw a dark blue rectangle on the side. When this has fully dried, fill in the bottom half of the nail (from the point of the triangle) with a red polish.

And that is one hand complete!

The Belarus flag uses exactly the same technique as the Polish flag except the colour are blue and yellow instead.

To create the England flag paint the whole nail white and once this is dry simple create a red cross across the entire nail. Easy!

The Italian flag, again, is very similar to the French except using red and green instead.

Paint the nail yellow in order to create the German flag. Draw a thick, red stripe across the centre of the nail then fill in the top section of the nail with black polish.

And finally, after painting the whole nail white draw a small rectangle in the upper left hand corner of the nail. Go in with a small detail brush and add a white cross on top of the rectangle. Then draw blue stripes across the rest of the nail to create the Greek flag!

Now the right hand is complete too!

Add a top coat and you are finished! This nail art will definitely be a conversation starter through footballer lovers and even non-football lovers! If you are a dedicated supporter of your country why not try putting your flag on all of your nails?

I am off for summer now so I should be able to post lots more so keep checking in or subscribe to the newsletter that tell you when I post!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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