Shirt Waistcoat

My brother was having a clear out of clothes last week so I went for a rummage before he gave them away. I found this shirt and really liked it, however it was too big and a bit masculine so I decided to change it up! This will work with pretty much any top that you have and creates the perfect summer waistcoat or shirt.

What you’ll need for this tutorial is
A shirt or top
Bobby pins or pins
Ruler and chalk
A sewing machine (if you don’t have a sewing machine you can hand stitch it but it wont be as neat and will take longer)

This is how the shirt started off. As you can see it was too big and wasn’t very girly.

My shirt had a t-shirt attached to it underneath so I took that away by cutting close to the seam. Spread the t-shirt onto the floor or onto a work surface to make it easy to work on.

Start by cutting the sleeves off. I cut the sleeve about an inch away from the seam to make it more manageable. Then either pick the stitches out or cut the fabric very close to the seam to make the short sleeves.

Next, this step is optional depending on whether you want the top to be fitted or not. I measured the t-shirt on myself and then from the seam measured out around 3 cm. Doing this at each seam would decrease the waist by 12 cm. Then using a ruler mark the 3 cm parallel with the seam and secure with bobby pins or normal pins.

After all the measurements have been taken, sew along the marked line and this will create your new seam. Try and keep it as straight as possible! Once that is done, remove the bobby pins and cut parallel along the new seam. This will tidy it up and make it more comfortable.

That’s it! I love my new waistcoat and have had tonnes of complements on it and I’m sure you will too!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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