Colourful Jam Jar Desk Tidy

I bought some new nail art brushes the other week and was keeping them hidden in a box out of sight. I made this little holder to display my brushes on my desk and keep them close to hand!
It’s so easy and there are lots of different options to personalise it and make it special.

What you’ll need for this tutorial:

lots of different colours of nail polishes
a clean, stickerless jam jar or pot
any other beads or decorations
some coloured sand

The main technique to this tutorial is that there is no technique! Pour some nail polish into the jar and shake it, swirl it, flick the brush or let it drip. Any of these method will get the desired ‘messy’ outcome.

Continue this process with all the different colours you want until you have fully covered the jar. I added silver and white to add a bit of sparkle!

This step is optional but I added an old bracelet of mine to the bottom of the jar to glam it up a bit and I used Top Coat to seal it to the jar.

As you can see I added some coloured sand to the bottom of the jar to prevent it from tipping and to stop the brushes scratching off the paint.

And that’s all there is to it!
Now you have a unique desk tidy that no one else has!
You could add your name, add beads to the inside or outside or place a ribbon along the top rim. The possibilities are endless!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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