Union Jack Lips – Jubilee

Happy Jubilee Weekend everyone!
Two tutorials for you today! 🙂 The first one is this union jack lips idea. I did this look within about 5 minutes as it is so easy and it’s perfect for this weekend’s celebrations!

Start with your lips being clean and makeup-less. Moisturise them to prevent them from cracking as the next step can dry them out.

Then apply a thick layer of white eye shadow or white lipstick to your lips. Dust off any excess.

Then using red lipstick create a single line down the centre of your lips. (Keep your lips together to make sure the line is not wonky) Do this step across your lips as well, forming a cross. Then make 4 short lines connecting the lips and the cross. Wait for this to dry before creating small triangles in between all the line, leaving a white rim around everything.

This step is optional and will make your lips look more defined and fuller. Using a black eye liner or lip liner, go around the outside of the lips making the cupids bow very bold and noticeable.

Then you’re done! Ready for any street party that is thrown your way.

Check out my Union Jack Nails tutorial as well!
Have a great weekend!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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