How To: Chalk Your Hair

This has been my most requested tutorial yet! This is the ago old technique of hair chalking that was introduced to me by my best friend. I tried it out last weekend and got so many complements on it and ask so many times how I achieved it. So teach yourself how to do this temporary hair colouring technique with this quick and easy tutorial!

What you’ll need for this tutorial is
– Soft pastels (NOT oil! These will stain your hair and will not work!)
-A towel/kitchen roll to catch the excess chalk
-Rubber gloves
– water
-old t-shirt
-hair dryer and straighteners

Start off with clean, product-free hair. Wear an old t-shirt or use a towel as it can be messy!

Take the section of hair to be chalked and dampen it with water.

Wear rubber gloves and take the colour of chalk that you want and colour the hair. (Only use downward strokes so as not to matt the hair)

Repeat this step with every colour you want.

Blow-dry the sections and straighten the pieces to seal in the colour.

And that’s it! The colour should stay in your hair until you wash your hair again. The colour might come off throughout the day and night.

This is the perfect way to temporarily colour your hair for summer if you don’t want to permanently colour it!  Thank you for reading!

Dazed&Beautiful x


4 thoughts on “How To: Chalk Your Hair

  1. Would sidewalk chalk work too? Or food coloring? Basically I am looking for everyday items found around the house to use, any ideas?

    1. hey jackie,
      I don’t see why sidewalk chalk wouldn’t work but I would definitely say the colours wouldn’t be as bright or last as long!
      Food colouring is probably quite permanent. I know for a face that boiling KoolAid and soak the hair is that can colour it! There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube if you like!

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