5 Ways to Wear Floral Wedges

Spring/Summer is approaching and that can only mean one thing. Floral Wedges.
They are a massive trend this year however some people can find them daunting to wear with an outfit; I recently purchased these beautiful wedges in my local Exhibit for £12. Such a bargain!

All of these outfits may not be to your taste but hopefully you will find one that you like!

Outfit One

For this first outfit I went along the route of dinner date/evening time.
I paired this simple black dress from H&M with a plain crop denim shirt and tights. I cinched in the waist with a thin, gold belt to give the dress a bit of glamour and to enhance the perfect, feminine ‘hourglass figure’
I put my hair in a loose ponytail, leaving my bangs down.

Outfit Two

This look was based very much around the summer music festival look.
Matching a plain white woollen jumper with these tribal print denim shorts gives the classic festival look. Accessorizing with a straw hat and waterproof coat certainly prepares for all types of weather! Pairing these heels with this outfit gives a slightly classier, more chic adaptation of the typical festival-goers. I kept my hair as the crazy messy waves they are to add to the boho effect.

Outfit Three

Outfit three is quite a casual look, for people who want to wear heels on a typical day but still with a hint of elegance.
I started with this floral shirt (I know, double floral! It can look tacky but when done right it can be beautiful! So watch out!) Then added some ankle length leggings. Your legs will look fabulous in the heels! Then by simply adding this baseball jacket, the whole look is toned down, and becomes more day-to-day wear. I wore my hair done for this look.

Outfit Four

For ladies who lunch! Again, this is another more casual approach to wearing floral wedges but still smart with the use of a blazer.
By wearing jeans (skinny or fitted, not boot cut or flare) and pairing it with a top along the same colours as your shoes, this is a very average look. But by the use of a blazer the whole outfit automatically becomes more elegant and classy, whilst remaining feminine. I put my hair in a loose bun with my bangs left out for this look.

Outfit Five

As you can see, this outfit is very similar to outfit three but I think this outfit is a little bit fancier and more party-like than look three. After replacing the baseball jacket with an oversized, chunky-knit cardigan the outfit has transformed from a typical day out to the perfect summer beach party outfit. For the cool summer evenings, I placed my wavy, textured hair into a low, side ponytail with my bangs out.

I hope you enjoyed this post with a variety of different ways to wear floral wedges! I love my shoes and I hope that if you were considering buying wedges, after this post, you do! They are so beautiful and versatile!
Dazed&Beautiful x


2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear Floral Wedges

    1. thank you so much! i must say I dont wear mine as often as I’d like but hopefullyy as spring is coming back around!

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