Patchwork Pillow

As my skill for my Duke Of Edinburgh I decided to do patch working. So in order to prove my skill I had to make something, so I made this adorable little patchwork pillow. It was my first attempt at patch working and I am really pleased how it came out! This pillow doesn’t match anything in my house however, so I’ll be donating it to the charity shop 🙂

What you’ll need for this tutorial is
A sewing machine (you can hand sew it all but it will take a lot longer and may not have a good a finish!)
Material or materials that you want to be the main design of your patch work item. (I cheated a bit and got fabric with squares already on them to help me out!)
A piece of fabric of one colour to act as the backing
A hand needle
Thread that is in the same colour scheme of your material
Bobby pins/Pins

Firstly, take the fabric and cut it into reasonable sized squares, leaving about an inch gap right around the area you want to be seen. (Mine were roughly four and a half inches by four and a half inches.)

After all the pieces have been cut up, place them in the desired order and pattern.

To sew the pieces together, start by taking to pieces that are beside each other in the pattern. Then put one piece on top of the other and line them up about an inch in. (I have guide lines on my fabric already!)

Line this line up with the sewing machine and start sewing all the way down.

Sew all the way to the bottom and then tie a regular knot at the end of the stitches to keep them from unravelling.

Open up the two pieces of fabric and there should be a clean stitch that is hidden.

Continue this process until the whole row is complete.

Flip the material over and there will be excess material after the seam. Simply cut this off.

Repeat this for every row you have.

To join the rows together, repeat the process that we used to join the original squares of fabric together. Place one row on top of the other and line them up about an inch in.

Then simply sew this all the way down till the bottom of the fabric, finishing off with a knot.

Again, trim off the excess material to keep the seams clean and slick.

Once all the squares are sew together, take the single coloured fabric and cut a square larger that the sewn, patchwork piece. This will be the backing.

Repeat this on all sides EXCEPT ONE. Leave one side open. Trim any excess material at the seams, leaving the excess material at the side that is not sewn.

Take the sewn item and turn it inside-out so that the patchwork side is on the outside.

Taking some stuffing, (I used some from my old pillow) fill the pillow to your likeness.

Taking the side that is open, fold the two pieces of material back of themselves and pin them down. Using a thread and a needle, hand sew these pieces together until the side is closed.

And you’re done!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and try it out! This is a great way of making something super original for your house and no one else will have one like! Materials of all colours are widely available so you can take the colour scheme of the room and make your own perfect pillows!

Dazed&Beautiful x


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